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 7 hours ago

I Hate My Roommate because he stays up to endless hours of the night hanging out with 18 year old girls talking about stupid shit. Might I add he's a 23 year old loser who has no backbone and is essentially a yes man. He is very inconsiderate, doesn't have manners and simply lets others run and dictate his life or his night. I've discussed this on various occasions but either he has short term memory or he's utterly... [continue]

   Recommendation - . Set your roommate's bed on fire. Apologize and explain that you've been watching too much "Beavis & Butthead." Do it again. Tell him/her that you're not sorry because this time, they deserved it.

Wabash College

West Lafayette, Indiana
 16 hours ago

I Hate My Roommate because they talk shit about me on twitter all the time. My diet is non of your business so please calm down if I have one day where i pig out its normal. on the other hand the two of you drink a whole 2 liter of diet soda every day hmmm seems healthy you hypocrites. Oh and if you two would like to know i have a screen shot of all the nasty comments and will wait for the proper moment to let them out.... [continue]

   Recommendation - . Draw a chalk outline on the floor. When your roommate comes in, say, "Don't worry. It's not what you think." If he/she asks about it again, immediately change the subject.

Bethany Theological Seminary

Muncie, Indiana
 1 day ago

I Hate My Roommate because she is a satanic worshiper and always gives me shit for not being a vegetarian. She is rude, disgusting, steals all my stuff and breaks it, doesn't take care of ANYTHING and gives me shit about being on my computer all the time. I'm taking 21 credits this semester and all my work is online. She does drugs in our room, (we live next to the RA) and sleeps with guys while I'm in the room.

   Recommendation - . Wear a cape. Stand in front of an open window for about an hour every day. Then, one day, when your roommate is gone, go outside and lie down underneath the window, pretending to be hurt, and wait for your roommate to return. The next day, start standing in front of the window again.

San Diego Christian College

Carlsbad, California
 2 days ago

I Hate My Roommate because her boyfriend drives like 6 hours to stay with her at our apartment for a whole week during school semester. She is not at home during the week and he just sits at our apartment twiddling his thumb. I feel like if you are not home, neither should your boyfriend. I don't have my boyfriend stay here when I'm not here. That is common knowledge. He should get a hotel or something cause Its just... [continue]

   Recommendation - . Every Thursday, pack up everything you own and tell your roommate you're going home. Come back in an hour and explain that no one was home. Unpack everything and go to sleep.

Missouri Valley College

Columbia, Missouri
 2 days ago

I Hate My Roommate because shes a compulsive liar or pathological liar, either way she is annoying and i do not like her at all. She lies about the dumbest shit and is a manipulative asshole. She makes people like her because of her pitiful problems. She acts like she can do so much but all she does is talk shit about people if they have a problem with her and she thinks she knows how to do confrontation. She thinks she... [continue]

   Recommendation - . Keep a vacuum cleaner in the middle of the room. Look at it with fear for a few days. Then stay out of the room entirely, opening the door only a crack and whispering to your roommate, "Psst! Is it gone?"

Randolph-Macon College

Richmond, Virginia